Hookloader frame with 4 twistlocks, finished model

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Manufactured at a scale of 1/14.5, the hook loader frame according to DIN 30722 for hook loaders (HL) is primarily designed to load our 10ft and 20ft ISO container with twistlocks. Accordingly, the hook lifts can load the hook lift frame including an attached shipping container.

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The original

Roll-off container are used to hold cargo goods which are not destined by itself for transport with hookloaders. They can be roughly divided into three categories: containers for bulk cargo, flatbeds and hooklift frames (HLF) for shipping containers. The container of the first category are usually used for bulk material of any kind and are thus widely used on construction sites. Flatbeds are often used in municipal companies for the carriage of small construction equipment, for example mini excavators or wheel loaders which are not roadworthy. Hook lift frames usually are used to hold shipping containers or silos. The advantage of transporting a container with a hook lift frame is obvious: The required logistics for handling a shipping container consisting of trucks and trailers as well as the need to unload the container with lifting devices (crane or forklift),  can be significantly reduced when using a HL. Thus, this type of container transport is particularly suitable for smaller businesses with limited infrastructure in terms of container handling or for flexible operation on construction sites. Hook lift frames for shipping containers are often offered in two configurations: A first variant is marked by a frame, rigidly welded to the shipping container. This design is mostly used in for construction equipment containers, mobile offices or recreation rooms. The second variant of the hook lift frame is intendet to be used for flexible handling of 20ft containers or twistlock compatible goods. Accordingly, this type of frame is extended by a twistlock system. By utilization of lifting equipment, shipping containers can easily be changed between trucks with standard container trailers  and HL.

Loading an hooklift frame (HLF) on a hookloader (HL) processes as follows: First, the hook lift engages the hook attached to the front of the HLF and lifts the HLF, so that ultimately there is only the pair of rollers in contact with the ground. Now the HLF is pulled over its frame structure - generally an I-beam - slides over the loading area of the HL  into the locking position. The rollers on the HLF does not touch the HL; the frame structure of the HLF rolls over corresponding guide rollers on the frame of HL. In the last step, a locking mechanism engages in a locking system in between the two I-beams of the HLF frame structure and thus creates a reliable load securing of HLF during transport by hookloaders.

The model

The hooklift frame (HLF) offered here is in-house developed. Of course, the framework fulfills - scaled in 1/14.5 - the requirements of the standard DIN 30722 with regard to all relevant dimensions. In essence, the standard prescribes the height of the hook for to engage with the hookloader and the dimensions of the frame structure, slide rails and the total length to be used. The frame itself is made  of two L-shaped arranged I-beams (upper / lower belt: 0.8mm, 1.5mm web in thickness) with various claddings/reinforcements to enhance stability in regions of high stress. One is the central region of the slide rail on which rolls of the frame via the guide rollers of the hookloader. Secondly, the 90 ° in the L-shaped frame structure at the front of the HLF is doubly reinforced, as this area experiences a strong bending stress during loading and unloading. The hook is formed from 3mm solid material and is supported in favor of the stability by four ribs. Also taken from the standard, the type and position of the locking ring to secure the HLF on the hookloader.

The rollers on the rear of the HLF are made from solid steel material and are attached with bolts to the frame structure. This design also provides the characteristic squeaky noise while loading and unloading a roll-off container. The bolts itself are secured by pins. So, if necessary, the rollers can be exchanged by removing the pins. The formation of rust on the unpainted steel rollers is favored here and so produces the most realistic impression as possible.

The variant for loading 20ft container is characterized by two supplementary U-profiled cross members at which ends precision casted , fully functional twistlocks are installed. This model is suitable for handling the COMVEC 20ft ISO container and thereby providing a high degree of variability with respect to the load.


The structural components of the frame are made of  0,8mm - 1,5mm steel sheets. These are used for manually edged / bended and hard-soldered  U- and I-beams. Rectangular profiles, as well as the bolts and rollers are made from solid steel material.
The variant for loading 20ft containers, is extended by four twistlocks, each with five high-grade alpaca castings with the full functionality of a real twistlocks.

This model, as well as all other models of COMVEC is made entirely by hand intra-Germany.

Technical data

Range of application:

The hook lift frame serves as a load for hookloaders. Depending on the model variant, it is either as a basis for your own constructions or it can load and secure 20ft ISO shipping containers for carriage.


(L) 457 x (B) 168 x (H) 185 mm


approx. 500g


  • Frame made out of steel I-beam profiles with various claddings
  • Exactly scaled sturdy steel construction with dimensions according to the standard DIN 30722
  • Rollers made of solid steel
  • Reinforced hook from soild steel
  • Four fully functional twistlock for 20ft container handling

Material composition:

  • All frame components made of steel sheet
  • Rollers: Steel
    Aaxles: nickel silver casting
  • Castings made of nickel silver

Scope of delivery:

  • hook lift frame  

Scale / compatible to: 1/14.5 (e.g. ScaleArt®)
Type of Model: Finished model
Shipping weight: 0,80 Kg
Product weight: 0,50 Kg
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 45,70 × 16,80 × 18,50 cm

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20ft Container, FineScale, finished model

20ft Container, FineScale, finished model

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