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Case Studies

Trade fair model of a belt dryer

This trade fair model of a belt dryer was produced on the basis of original CAD data on a scale of 1:14.5. Removable components of the model are attached with magnets to allow a detailed view of the interior when used at trade fairs or presentations. Two electrically driven conveyor belts with individually adjustable speeds made from the original material impressively demonstrate how the large model works.


  • approx. 90 x 17 x 25 cm (L x W x H)


  • Structure: sheet steel / stainless steel, micro-welded
  • Cast parts made of nickel silver investment casting
  • Multi-colored powder-coated exactly according to the original
  • Details: 3d print hand-painted


  • Conveyor belts made from original material, electrically powered
  • Doors movable
  • Removable roof
  • One container wall with acrylic glass for product data sheet