Rib-less hooklift bin, low

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This hooklift bin is completely made of stainless steel and all welded together. The model is exactly based on real models and is handmade in Germany.

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Select your variant of the tailgate here. All variants are designed as a swing tailgate for automatic unlocking.

  • Combination swing tailgate with automatic release and fold-out ramp to drive onto or load the bin with small vehicles.
  • Combination swing tailgate with automatic release and two portal doors.
Ladder at the front

Select whether a ladder is should be mounted on the bin or not. The required holes in the bin are always included. The ladder is also available as an individual part and can be retrofitted.

  • There will be no ladder mounted at the front of the bin. However, the necessary holes are present. A ladder can be retrofitted at any time.
  • A ladder is mounted at the front of the bin. The ladder is made from stainless steel and micro-welded by hand. The structure has a wall thickness of 0.5mm.
Hooks for net or tarpaulin

On the side and front of the bin hooks can be attached to which a net or a tarpaulin can be attached to cover the bin. The hooks are made of 1mm stainless steel wire and are welded directly to the bin. They can therefore neither be retrofitted nor removed.

  • On the side and at the front of the bin hooks are attached to which a net or tarpaulin can be attached. The hooks are made of 1mm stainless steel wire and are welded directly to the bin. They can therefore neither be retrofitted nor removed.

Choose the colour for your model here. Unless otherwise stated, the paintjob is always done as a 2-component paint in semi-gloss.

Assembly status

Select the assembly status of your model here.

  • The delivery of the model is in individual parts, depending on the choice painted or unpainted. Smaller jobs (such as drilling, bending, etc.) may be required. For the assembly, the usual tools (for example, screwdrivers, pliers, files, etc.) are required for the model.
  • The model is delivered fully assembled and ready to use. Smaller adjustments (such as setting the locking mechanism on hooklift bins for your model) may still be required.
Your configuration

This rib-less (i.e. no vertical reinforcement on the outside is needed) roll-off bin is the perfect choice for everyday jobsite use - from bulk cargo to small construction equipment, countless transportation scenarios are possible with this model! The model is made exactly in the scale of 1/14.5 and is e.g. compatible with ScaleArt® roll-off systems.

The steel structure of the bin is based on real models. Particular emphasis was placed on the detailed reproduction of the frame components. In their nature, the frame is based on DIN 30722, according to the structures for hooklift equipement in the original are constructed. This version of the bin for hooklift vehicles is manufactured according to the rib-less design - therefore it does not require vertical reinforcing ribs on the side wall. The stability of the bin body is obtained by multiple folding of the one-piece body. Thanks to the superior strength properties of steel / stainless steel compared to many other materials used in model making, the sheet thicknesses can be scaled up to almost real thickness. All parts of this model are micro-welded by hand in Germany.

The tailgate has a mechanism for unlocking. Depending on the carrier vehicle an automatic unlocking of the tailgate is possible. In this model, you can choose between different variants of the tailgate. All variants of the tailgate function as automatically unlockable swinging tailgate. Special types such as the ramp are mounted on a pendulum suspended frame.

As an optional extra, this trough can be equipped with a highly detailed, micro-welded saddle at the front and / or hooks on the front and side. The hooks allow a net or tarpaulin to be attached to the trough as a cover.

Scale / compatible to: 1/14.5 (e.g. ScaleArt®)
Type of Model: Finished model
Shipping weight: 3,00 Kg

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