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COMVEC 10ft containers are scaled according to the standard DIN ISO 668 to exactly 1/14.5. With loving attention to a variety of precision casted small parts and genuine micro-screws, this container is nearly identical to its great model.

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The original

This 10ft ISO container is a variant of the variety of standard container designs. The underlying standard DIN ISO 668 describes the outer dimensions of the different container sizes (20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 45ft, etc.), as well as the position of the mounting points - the so-called corner castings (pick-up points at the eight corners of a container). To handle an empty container by a forklift, corresponding openings (forklift pockets) are placed in the bottom side rail. Furthermore there are small openings at the container front and rear for a forklift.

For loading and unloading a container, the chosen variant has rubber sealed double door on the front. Each of the doors has four hinges allowing pivoting about 270°. Thus, when opened, the doors fit tight to the exterior wall of the container. With respect to the external dimensions of a container, the doors themselves are offset inwards. This ensures that the rotating rods for the container door locking mechanism are safe for a potential head-on collision during loading of the container. The interior floor panels are made of renewable wood planks resting on transverse steel beams (crossmembers).

Side and rear walls, doors and roof each are differently corrugated to reinforce the thin sheet metal components at its best. Only the corner castings are in contact with the ground or the container underneath. This ensures that the entire load is carried by clearly defined areas so that other container types (tank containers or open-top containers) can be stacked.

The model

As for all COMVEC models, we spend highest efforts on implementing all functional and structural details in regard to the used scale of 1/14.5. Thus, not only the outer dimensions of the container in accordance with the standard DIN ISO 668 and the corner castings are scaled according to DIN ISO 1161 to the smallest detail.  Even the thicknesses of the individual sheet metal parts are - if technically possible - scaled according to the original. Especially the double doors are made with a loving attention: a total of 68 real M0.6 screws (based on an M8 screw in the original) are used to fix the precision casted parts of the door locking mechanism – of course no dummy screws are used!

Through intensive research and detailed analyzes of the original it was possible to determine distinct and independently of the manufacturer recurring geometric details for the outer appearance of containers. At the same time it should be noted that, in particular, the construction of container doors varies depending on the manufacturer. In addition, the appearance of a container differs even within shipping companies.  Therefore a generic variant is used here which represents a major part of containers on the world market.

Besides the visual complement your trailer by this container the play value is also significantly increased: Loading the trailer by crane, forklift or reach stackers are conceivable. By opening the doors is a fully functional loading of the container possible with diverse cargo. In order to allow for load securing the roof of the container being removed completely. Thus also the steering booth keep track of the entire interior of the container.

To make each model unique, each container is delivered with an individual serial number. Taking into account the container type (the type of the container is used as a parameter in the serial number) as well as your chosen shipping company / owner in accordance with internationally applicable standards, your unique serial number is generated. So each model is really unique.

Beside the visual aesthetic upgrade of your trailer by this container the play value also is significantly increased: Loading and unloading the trailer by crane or forklift are conceivable. By opening the doors, a complete loading and handling scenario with diverse cargo is possible. In order to allow load securing, the container roof is completely removable. So it is easy to follow up the full loading cycle in the containers’ interior from your driving position.

Product variant: 10ft container construction with 2 doorlock rods

This product variant is a container with only one doorlock rod per door. This design is often found on construction sites.

Product variant: 10ft container with 4 door locking bars

This product variant is a container with two doorlock rods  per door.

Manufacturing process

The choice of materials and manufacturing technologies used are go along with our COMVEC credo to stay in the model as closely as possible to the original. Structural components that are made in reality out of steel sheets metal are also made in the model out of blank metal sheet. All castings (corner castings, components of the door locking mechanism), which originally are casted parts are modeled by using precision casting technology. The material used therefore is alpaca.
In terms of the techniques used in the manufacturing process corresponds as far as possible to those of the original. All edged sheet metal parts of the model are hydraulically folded by hand. The side walls, the rear wall, the roof panel and the door panels (reality: deep drawn or rolled) are all deep drawn by hand. On all four different sides of the container (doors, roof, side, rear), special deep drawing tools have been developed only for this purpose. The connection of the sheet metals and casted parts to one another (reality: welded) is performed by hard-soldering with silver or brass solder.
This model, as well as all other models of COMVEC is made entirely by hand intra-Germany. Also the supplied components are obtained from Germany.

Technical Specifications

Range of application:

A Load, e.g. for COMVEC container hook loader frame or with the appropriate adaption also as a load for your self-built trailer or trailer of a foreign manufacturer.


(L) 206 x (W) 168 x (H) 179 mm


approx. 1300g


  • Fully functional door locking mechanism
  • Up to 270° pivotable doors
  • Accurately scaled sheet metals and material thicknesses
  • Removable wooden floor
  • Removable roof
  • Pockets for forklift trucks
  • Corner fittings exactly according to international  standards
  • Individual printing: Each container has an individual serial number

Material composition:

  • All steel sheet metal parts
  • Castings made of nickel silver
  • Brass screw connections
  • Wooden floor: Oak veneer glued to steel plate

Scope of delivery:

  • 10ft Container, completely assembled
  • Powder coating according your chosen colour
  • Number of doorlock rods according to  the chosen product variant
  • Set of decals with trim marks
  • Mounting instruction for the decals

Scale / compatible to: 1/14.5 (e.g. ScaleArt®)
Type of Model: Finished model
Shipping weight: 1,80 Kg
Product weight: 1,30 Kg
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 20,60 × 16,80 × 17,90 cm

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