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Tridem drawbar trailer for roll-off containers

Item number: 11000200

This British-style tridem trailer is suitable for transporting roll-off containers.

Category: Trailer

Trailer suspension - 3 axles

The suspension of this trailer can be equipped with dummy shock absorbers and a functional parking brake in the appearance of a disc brake. If this option is selected, the trailer receives an additional storage box with servos for controlling the brakes via Bowden cables. The brake mechanically locks the wheels when the model stands still and must not be used while driving. Alternatively, the suspension can be equipped with dummy shock absorbers and brake dummies without function, this also eliminates the additional storage box. The basic variant contains neither dummy shock absorbers nor a dummy brake and has, in contrast to the other variants, a plastic wheel hub.

Trailer suspension - rims and tires - 3 axles
Llift axle

This trailer can be optionally equipped with a lift axle.


This trailer can be equipped with different fender variants. Plastic fenders are manufactured as black injection molding. The partially visible fine "steps" of the fenders on the photos result from the 3D printing of the prototype and are not present on the delivered model.

Trailer electronics

This trailer can be equipped with special trailer electronics to control all functions. The transmission from the vehicle to the trailer is via infrared. The towing vehicle must have a compatible receiver with infrared diode. Possibly, a software update of the receiver in the vehicle is required (this may lead to the loss of the warranty of the receiver). Alternatively, an empty storage box for your own trailer electronics can be installed.

Locking mechanism

This trailer has an electric locking mechanism, with the help of which roll-off container are fixed on the chassis. The lock engages laterally in the T-profile of the roll-off container and holds it largely independent of its position on the trailer.

Support legs

Electric support legs can be mounted on this trailer. By default, the legs on this trailer are equipped with a flat foot as a nickel silver investment casting.

Position lights

Select whether to mount outrigger + LED position lights. The standard colors are: front - white, side - yellow, rear - red. Desired colors please indicate at the end of the order. Available colors are white, red, yellow, green, blue.

Rear lights
Telescopic drawbar

The drawbar of this model can be electronically telescoped (extended). Due to this feature, the trailer can be pulled close to the truck, while standing still. So, the bin can be transferred from the truck to the trailer as it is done on the original. The amount of travel is limited by two limit switches. The limit switch to the front / the length of the drawbar in the extended state can be adjusted by a sliding limit switch. Height of towing eye suitable for vehicles with all-wheel drive.

Paintjob - Colour 1

Please select the base color for your model here. Unless otherwise stated, the paint is always in "semi-glossy".

Paintjob - Colour 1
Paintjob - Colour 2

Please select the second colour for your model here. If you do not want a second colour, just leave the selection as "colour 1". Unless otherwise stated, the paint is always in "semi-glossy".

Paintjob - Colour 2
Paintjob - Colour 3

Please select the third colour for your model here. If you do not want a third colour, just leave the selection as "colour 1". Unless otherwise stated, the paint is always in "semi-glossy".

Paintjob - Colour 3
Paintjob main frame

This component includes the welded construction of the main frame without any additional attachments.

Paintjob trailer suspension

This component includes the moving parts of the chassis (swingarm + axle). The painting takes place after assembly. Additional components on the chassis (e.g., mufflers and brake cylinders) normally have a special color and are not affected by this selection.

Paintjob checker plates

This component includes all checker plates that can be individually bolted to the model. Firmly welded checker plate are not affected by this selection.

Paintjob support legs
Paintjob position lights

This component includes the outriggers / arms on which the position lights are mounted (if selected as an option). The position lights themselves are of course installed after painting.

Paintjob rear bumper
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About the model

This British-style trailer is used to transport roll-off containers with a 72mm rail width (for example, all COMVEC roll-off containers). The special feature of this trailer is, among other things, the way in which a roll-off container is loaded from the carrier vehicle. For this purpose, the drawbar of the trailer is first electrically retracted in the coupled state, then the container can be pushed from the truck to the trailer and locked. This eliminates a complicated turning and maneuvering of the towing vehicle to the back of the trailer. Of course, the roll-off container can also be loaded backwards onto the trailer.

The locking of the roll-off container is modeled just like the original on the side of the main frame in four points, whereby the fixation on the trailer is largely independent of the position of the bin. The lock is driven electrically by geared motors.

The suspension has also been designed with great attention to detail. The suspension takes place via a dummy air suspension (no suspension with real compressed air), which can be adjusted individually in terms of hardness. Depending on the equipment variant, the wheels can be braked and the trailer safely parked. Shock absorber dummies complete the overall picture. In the case of the three-axle version, the first axle can be equipped as an electrically operated lift axle.

For a safe stand without towing vehicle, the trailer can be equipped with two electrical supports on the front and two additional supports on the rear. All functions are controlled via a special trailer electronics. The communication between towing vehicle and trailer takes place via infrared. Possibly. In order to control all functions, a software update of the receiver is necessary (this can void the warranty).

Of course, this model - like all other ready-made models from COMVEC - is hand made exclusively in Germany. The model is made of steel / stainless steel and micro-welded by hand.

Equipment variants / technical data / functions

The actual scope may vary depending on the configuration

  • Suspension with two axles (tandem) or three axles (tridem)
  • Tridem only: The first axle can be optionally equipped as a lift axle
  • Drawbar: electrically telescopic
  • Electric support legs: 2x front / 2x front + 2x rear
  • Brake: electrically operated parking brake in optics of a disc brake
  • Locking: Electrical locking of the roll-off container laterally from the main frame
  • Lighting: LED position lights, taillights, license plate illumination
  • Electronics: special trailer electronics with infrared interface
  • Construction: stainless steel / steel micro-welded

Please note: All pictures show a prototype of the model with optional equipment. Minor changes to the delivered model are possible.

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