The company

COMVEC is the abbreviation for commercial vehicles. However, for us COMVEC-Models means much more we established COMVEC as a synonym for our philosophy - a synonym for miniature mechanical engineering. Based on the materials and production technologies of the original, we manufacture uncompromising scaled, fully functional marvels at a scale of 1/14.5.

The man behind COMVEC-Models is, Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Bucher - born and raised in the heart of the Ruhr-Area in Germany. We are passionate mechanical engineers and of course enthusiastic in building perfect scale models.

Models, scale & details

According to our name, the original models are situated within the branch of commercial vehicles. Thematically, this includes, inter alia, Trucks, trailers, construction equipment and special vehicles.

Our aim is to scale the real engineering to 1/14.5. Building scale models means that a model even has to look like the real one "from below". Our models thus give all the details - from all sides and in regard to all dimensions. However scale model also means to create fully functional models. So we are always anxious to implement as many features as possible.

However, functions can also be passive in nature. For example the forklift pockets and cornercastins of our containers enrich the models with unique details. In combination with a reach stacker, straddle carrier or a fork-lift truck, this detail turns in a function that extends the model to many other applications. Be inspired by the extensive product descriptions and get yourself an overview of the many ways our models can be used for.


Scale Manufacturing means that our models adapt not only within regard to their appearance, we also try to correspond in terms of the used materials and production technologies to the real mechanical engineering! A welded steel construction, for example a trailer or container is composed of individual steel sheets as in the reality. Steel profiles and profiled sheet structures are edged or deep-drawed by us with specially developed tools by hand.

Castings are precision casted parts made from alpaca and of course screws and bolts - if technically possible are scaled accordingly! Following these strict principles of COMVEC-Models, our products result in extremely detailed and robust reproductions of the reality. Furthermore, the relatively high weight of our full steel models creates a realistic look and leads to a life-like handling.

Quality hand-made in Germany

As german engineers, we are committed to offer high quality craftsmanship. In respect to these standards, we are supplied by intra-german products only.

We hope to have shared a little of our enthusiasm for miniature mechanical engineering - because our perfectionism lives of your needs.