Ventilation cover 1:14,5 raw part

Item number: 28000710

Nickel silver casted Ventilation Covers for container at a scale of 1/14 to 1/16.

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The model

This scale-addon is an eyecatcher for all model containers at scales from 1/14 to 1/16. Ventilation Covers are covers, hiding holes for air circulation at the upper sidewall of containers. According to the applied size- and type-code label on the Container, it can be stated that holes for air circulation are present or not. The following example describes a 20ft standard container with air circulation. This leads to a size- and type-code label 22G1, where G1 stands for the air circulation. Otherwise, unventilated containers are declared with G0.

These Ventilation Covers are scaled exactly in 1/14.5, but their dimensions are ok for models in the 1/14 to 1/16 scale.

For further information about Ventilation Covers, please check our Wiki:

Product variant: Raw parts

Four Ventilation Cover on a sprue.

Product variant: finished

Four Ventilation Cover on separeted from the sprue and polished.

Material composition

  • Alpaca (nickel silver) precision castings
  • Optional: Brass screws and nuts


The Ventilation Covers are shipped as unpainted raw parts on a sprue. They can be fixed to a container by gluing, (hard)soldering with silver solder or by using three M0.6 screws. We recommend using 3 pieces of M0.6 plus nuts for eache cover.

Suggested tools needed for the assembly

  • Side Cutters / Hacksaw
  • File / Sandpaper
  •  (Hard)solder or Loctite 435 (Available here)
  • Optional : Drill 0,7mm, M0,6 / SW 1 screwdriver (available here)

Scope of delivery

  • 4 pieces Ventilation Covers on a sprue
  • According to the product variant, parts on a sprue or finished

Scale / compatible to: 1/14.5 (e.g. ScaleArt®) 1/16 (e.g. Wedico®)
Type of Model: Set of parts

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