Scale and compatibility of our models

The issue of scale and compatibility is very important to us at COMVEC. We always want our products to be compatible with other manufacturers' products. For this reason, we offer some models in different scales, which are perfectly adapted to specific manufacturers. Therefore, this short guide should show which of "our scales" is right for which models of third-party manufacturers.

In addition to some products which can be used for all models on the scale of approximately 1:13 - 1:16 (for example, stickers), we distinguish between two sizes: FineScale and Scale. The differences are described in more detail below.

FineScale – 1:14,5

Under our FineScale range, we understand models that are scaled exactly to a scale of 1/14.5. For example, our FineScale containers are exactly scaled down by 1/14.5 to the original standard. These models usually have a nominal width of 168mm and thus fit perfectly to other models on this scale, such as e.g. to models of the company ScaleArt®.

Scale – 1:14

Under our Scale range, we understand models that are scaled in 1/14 scale. These models are sometimes not as strictly scale-scaled as our FineScale models. For example, our scale containers are scaled to suit container trailers on this scale. These models usually have a nominal width of 180mm and thus fit excellently to other models on this scale, e.g. to models from Tamiya® or Carson®.

Quickly select and find the right size

To quickly find the right size of a model, a selection filter is located on the left side of the web shop. By clicking on the desired scale / model size, you can quickly filter out all products that match a certain scale. Of course, this also works with the different building types of our models (finished model, kit, set of parts) and other product filters that are individually defined depending on the product category.