Manufacturing competence

For the production of our models, we rely on our broad-based machine park as well as on our extensive know-how. Especially our expertise in the field of fine machining of steel sheets, which can be impressively demonstrated by our models, has to be pointed out.

Take advantage of this: Regarding contract work for private and industrial customers, you are in good hands with us - even outside of model building!

We would be pleased to make an offer for the following production areas - from 1 piece or in small series!



Our manually actuated, hydraulic fine coining system is ideally suited for edging of sheet metal up to 1mm thickness on a width of 230mm. Thanks to special tools, minimal leg lengths of only 3mm are possible in angles of 45° and 90°.


In the field of embossing we use a hydraulic embossing press. The side and roof panels of our highly detailed container models are examples of possible shapes. Of course, it is also possible to make special shapes.

TIG fine welding

We use first-class TIG impulse welding technology made in Germany in order to weld steel structures. This method is particularly suitable for thin sheet thicknesses up to about 1.5 mm.


For thermal bonding in all areas, where welding is not possible, we use the brazing. As an example, the connection of nickel-silver castings with steel constructions. As soldering material, we primarily use silver solder.

Sand blasting

As a preparation for painting or powder coating of our model’s metal structures, we use both blasting with corundum and glass beads. Of course, any other part can also be cleaned (e.g. from rust) with this process in the client's order.