Customized products

COMVEC-Models is specialized in the design and manufacture of custom-made single-piece or small-series products.
These are models specially designed for trade fair or training applications or (functional) prototypes for industrial and private customers. It does not matter to us whether it is an adaptation of our standard products or a complete new design according to customer requirements.

Thanks to our extensive possibilities in design and manufacturing, we are able to respond quickly and uncomplicated to inquiries about custom-made products. We are pleased to provide you with an offer based on:

  • Hand drawings / 2D drawings
  • 3D models
  • Photos of real machines

In order to be able to estimate the complexity of the model in accordance with requirements, the specification of the required functional scope is always helpful. For example, stand-alone models without functions require considerably less effort than fully-functional training models or function prototypes.

Our core competence is the reproduction of real(-size) manufacturing methods when building our models. We also understand this as the keyword "Scale-Manufacturing. This means that we, as well as our product range, rely on original materials (steel), original joining techniques (welding) and original forming processes (edging and embossing). This always guarantees an extremely authentic appearance of our models with realistic scaled sheet thicknesses and a high stability of the models.

In the following, we will present our abilities by means of selected examples. Of course, not only the scale of 1/14.5 is fixed, we are happy to provide models in any other scale to you.

Model of a belt dryer for presentation on a fair for an industrial customer

This model was built based on the original CAD data of the customer at the beginning of 2016. The basis is two 20ft high cube containers, which contain the actual belt dryer.

  • Use of the original conveyor belt material
  • Two conveyor belts with independently adjustable speeds
  • Useful features for trade fair operations such as a detachable roof, opening doors and panel with product information at the back
  • Two-color powder coating according to the real machine
  • Details in nickel silver casting and multi-color lacquered 3D printing
  • Construction time from transfer of the CAD data to delivery to the customer: only 3 months

Adaptation of an existing product for a private customer

This model, specially adapted to customer requirements, is another variant of our range of services. The variant of the hookloader platform, which was enlarged to about twice the length, was quickly and easily implemented within a few weeks. Thanks to the prevailing use of standard components of the existing model, the costs for the adaptation of the model and the production of special components have been reduced to a minimum.